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3 Things Most Buyers Overlook When Hunting for A New Home 

3 Things Most Buyers Overlook When Hunting for A New Home 

Buyer’s remorse can be expensive… so don’t fall in love with a home only to realize after closing that there’s more to the “perfect” home than what you can see at first glance.


Avoid making the mistake of overlooking these 3 things before you buy. 

 1. See your house at different times of the day and night.  Things can change quickly when the sun goes down or on weekends.  Do the streets narrow with overnight parking at 6 pm?  Is your drive way blocked before and after school by parents lined up to pick up their kids or is the neighborhood overrun with college kits who party on weekends? Check on your neighborhood environment before pulling the trigger to get an idea of what your day to day will look like. 


2. Know your commute.  Most people house hunt on weekends and evenings when driving is pretty effortless.  However, you need to know if there is gridlock coming and going to work.  Test the drive at rush hour and research alternative routes before you commit.


3. The CC&R’s  If the home is in a community with a Homeowners Association be sure to carefully review the bylaws (aka conditions, covenants & restrictions) during your objection period.  Look for things that may impact your lifestyle.  For example, if you’re a 4-car family with a 2-car garage what are the policies about leaving a car on the street overnight?  If this is your first of many homes that you plan to use as investment (rental) property are their restrictions whether the home can be rented out? 


Be sure to take a day or two and check out these 3 things before you buy, the effort now can save years of frustration. 







Terry Roberts


RE/MAX Landmark  

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