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Beware of Buying a New Home Alone

The RE/MAX Landmark New Home Headquarters is designed to assist buyers of new construction avoid the pitfalls that plague many. These pitfalls can result in poor decision making because of the lack of information and lack of guidance offered by having someone on your side throughout the process.

What’s Available? Most new construction homes are not available for you to view on, Trulia, Zillow or the multitude of other property search sites that claim to be the only place you need to look to find a home. What these sites don’t tell you is that their source for listings is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The problem is that the majority of builders don’t list their homes in MLS and if they do they list only a few.  It’s a major challenge for the buyer to find out what’s available.

RE/MAX Landmark New Home HQ has close relationships with all Rockwall County builders and Communities. We make it a top priority to update available inventory on a daily basis, if it’s available your New Home HQ knows it.

Who Represents Me? If you are not using a RE/MAX Landmark New Home HQ Pro the answer is no one.  The builder’s representatives work for the builder and their job is to sell the builders homes.  Of course, we help you get to the goal of buying a new home but we provide counsel and advice along the way.  We are in a Seller’s Market and the Builders are in the driver’s seat.  What protections do the builder contracts offer you?  Do you need an independent inspection?  I assure you that the builder’s rep will give you a much different answers than your New Home HQ Pro.

The process of buying a new home is stressful, don’t do it alone.

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner RE/MAX Landmark

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