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Buying a New Home and the Stress Factor


There is a certain anxiety that comes with buying a home. Lenders qualify you based on your income and ability to meet your obligations on a monthly basis but sometimes, homes come with surprises that bring with them financial stress and angst.  It makes sense to consider the money saving aspects when deciding if new construction is your next move.

  • Warranties: New is the operative word. New appliances and new systems such as your HVAC are covered by manufacture warranties. As such you know that a system failure during the warranty period means a phone call and perhaps a minimum service fee. You won’t be replacing your hot water heater or dishwasher anytime soon. Builders and their contractors warranty their work as well so be sure to ask questions and know the details of just what coverage you can expect during the warranty period.
  • Energy and Cost Savings: Innovations in energy efficiency are happening every day and these innovations are quickly incorporated into the home building process. In Texas, where temperature swings are dramatic and summers bring weeks of sweltering heat knowing your homes construction includes energy efficient doors, windows and insulation makes a difference. Most builders either include or have available Energy Star appliances which offer additional savings as well. Be sure to ask questions about your new homes construction and what efficacies and technologies are included in construction

Terry Roberts
RE/MAX Landmark

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