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Don’t Hate Your New Home

Finding homes that meet the needs and wants of Buyers is what Realtors love to do.  For me, there is a great deal of joy and satisfaction in finding someone’s dream home.  Over the years, and after 10 moves in 25 years,  I’ve developed a supplemental Buyers Checklist that I like to share with my clients.  Here’s Terry’s Tips for making sure that the home you have fallen in love with fits your needs:

  1. Kitchens & Clothes Adequate storage is something everyone wants but most fail to actually determine what they need before they start shopping for a home.
    • Closets – measure the linear feet of hanging storage that you currently have. If what you have is adequate then you need to make sure the home you are considering has at least that amount.   If you don’t have enough closet storage calculate how much more you will need.  Take a measuring tape with you on your second visit to the property and measure hanging space (it your agent is rolling their eyes just tell them it’s my fault)
    • Kitchen & Pantry – Count drawers, cabinets and pantry space in your existing kitchen. Make sure to include any kitchen items that are in a less convenient space or even in storage because you don’t have room for them in  your current kitchen.  Then do the same exercise in the house you are considering to make sure everything will fit.  Don’t forget to consider alternative storage.  For example if you’re current home does not have a butler’s pantry but the new one does be sure to include that space
  2. Utility Closets, Toys, Tools and More everyone has stuff and all your stuff needs a place.  Think through all of the things you will need to store but sometimes forget because you don’t see them on a daily basis.  Here’s a few examples
    • Bikes
    • Lawn Equipment
    • Patio Furniture
    • 4-Wheelers
    • Boats, Kayaks, floats, SeaDoo’s
    • Camping Equipment
    • Saws, vices, tools etc.
    • Christmas decorations
    • What’s currently stored in your attic

Once you have a clear picture of what you need,  walk through the home you are considering and place those items.  If you have more stuff than space reconsider your choice or consider rethinking what you will be bringing with you (it may be time to let go of rarely used items….).

  1. Energy Costs Be sure to ask the seller for 12 months of utility costs.  Not all homes are energy efficient and homes built 25 years ago simply cost more to operate.  Don’t speculate what the energy costs will be in your new home find out before you write the contract.  Spending $100 more than budgeted per month on a home translates to $60,000 in 5 years!  That matters.
  2. Web Access Technology is with us 24/7 so ensuring that the home you are considering has adequate solutions for your family’s needs is critical. First, find out what kind of set up is available, Fiber, Cable, DSL etc.  Then estimate the bands width you believe you will need based on your lifestyle.   Do you use the web for shopping or for business, what upload and download speeds do you need and what’s available, Consider media sharing, streaming music, streaming HD Video, video chats and gaming when you calculate your needs.  After determining what you need find out the cost.  Access and costs varies widely by location so don’t forget to verify that you can function technologically in your new home

Happy Houseunting

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX Landmark

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