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Don’t Let Your Piano Kill the Deal

don't let the piano kill the deal

As a Buyer’s Agent my role is to find a home that meets the needs of my client within their budget and in their desired location. At times the role feels like one of a matchmaker and finding the right home is just as exciting for me as it is my clients.  However, there have been many times when everything matches, the stars align and the heavens sing “Welcome Home” only to have the buyer add a previously undisclosed need or want to the mix …the much dreaded deal killer.  Inevitably until that time the deal killer has been withheld like a state secret.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the easiest home buyer as there are a few non-optional, yet unusual, requirements that I have in a house. Number one is the need for my full grand piano to have a place.  I don’t really play, but my husband purchased our 1898 Knob Grand as a wedding gift and I’m pretty attached to it.  Long before I entered the real estate profession I realized that finding a spot for the piano could be a daunting task and quickly elimated many potential homes.  Knowing this,  I made sure our Realtor was aware of my piano “issue” from the start and even carried with me a piano pattern that could be laid on the floor to be sure the space would work.

By now you have likely realized that I like structure, organization and of course to be in control (who else carries a piano pattern house hunting?) so it’s pretty easy to understand why it’s frustrating to find my clients the ideal home, write an offer, have it excepted and then to have them call me in three days and tell me that they just realized that the pool table won’t fit in the game room. The biggest frustration is that had I known about the pool table we would have never written the offer.

My request and that of all my fellow realtors is that you share all your needs upfront so that we can help you find the right home. If I had known about the pool table I could have told my client that the room had to be 18’4” x 14’6” to fit a 9 foot pool table, how do I know this?  It’s what I do, I’m a match maker!  It’s my job to know!  So my plea is simple, if your home will not be complete without your piano, pool table, Grandma’s 12’ dining room table or a closet to hold 1,001 pairs of shoes, tell us!  The search may narrow dramatically but if we know about all you needs up front the chance of us finding the right match for you increase exponentially.  Welcome Home!

Terry Roberts, Owner/Broker
RE/MAX Landmark

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