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Experience…the essential link in negotiations


Negotiating your deal is a critical component of the home buying/selling process. It’s also a process that takes skill, experience and knowledge which is why you need a RE/MAX Landmark associate on your side.  The sale or purchase of your home, arguably one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll make, is not the time to leave negotiating to the novice.  Here’s what our agents know that will help you achieve the best deal in your next sale or purchase.

  1. Knowledge is Power – Our agents know the market and market timing. They understand valuation and can interpret market trends. RE/MAX Landmark associates consider the seller’s or buyer’s motivation and what is most likely to appeal to them in the negotiating process.
  2. How to time it – Is a quick response best, or is it best to keep the other party on hold for a bit? Knowing which approach is best makes a difference and the ability to understand which works in a particular situation comes with experience.
  3. Objectivity is a must – as a principal in the transaction, generally speaking, you are emotionally connected to the outcome and at times overly reactionary during the negotiations.  Our agents have negotiated on behalf of many clients and are able to avoid missteps during intense, emotionally charged, fast-moving negotiations.
  4. What to ask for – The old adage, “You never know unless you ask” suggests that it’s always good to ask for more and see what happens. This is not always true in real estate and is dependent on current market conditions and motivation of the parties. There are circumstances when seller concessions and repairs are likely to be viewed favorably and there are times when they are not. Our agents have experienced both and can provide valuable guidance.

When it’s time to buy or sell, your most valuable asset, don’t trust the process to a novice or try to see what happens on your own. Call your RE/MAX Landmark associate.

Terry Roberts
RE/MAX Landmark
Owner/ Broker

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