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Finding a Puppy-Friendly Neighborhood

I’m stupid crazy about my dog and as one of the 36% of U.S. households that include a dog; I know that finding the right home for the family includes the family dog.   Families with dogs need to do a little more due diligence about the neighborhood before buying.  Here are some tips that will help you determine if the neighborhood you’re contemplating is dog-friendly.

  1. You see a lot of dogs out & about   Drive around the neighborhood in the morning, after work and on weekends and to see if there are dogs in the neighborhood. A neighborhood with lots of dogs is generally full of dog-lovers.
  2. There’s a nearby dog park Visit the dog park on a weekend morning which is normally the peak time in a dog park. Make sure that big dogs aren’t picking on the little guys and observe the owners too. Are the owners watching their dogs or chatting with the neighbors? How clean is the place? Are owners picking up after their dogs? Answering these questions will tell you if you and your dog will be able to take advantage of the park.
  3. Are puppy essentials available nearby? Dog-loves are great caretakers so it’s important to be sure that there’s a veterinarian nearby as well as a pet supply store. Additionally, an animal shelter in the area is an indication that the community cares about four legged family members and wants to keep them safe.
  4. Happy walks Exercise is essential for the well-being of our dogs so knowing that there is a great place for walking is very important. Look for sidewalks, trails and low traffic streets which provide the most favorable places for walking your pooch to walk. A real plus for dog walkers are neighborhoods that provide waste bags or dog accessible water bowls.

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner RE/MAX Landmark

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