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Germaphobic? Check Out the Restaurants Health Score First


What happens behind the kitchen door in restaurants has bothered me for years. I’ve worked with several food establishments in my lifetime, my first experience was in an Eckerd Drugstore Restaurant on St. Petersburg Beach in Florida (yes, I’m that old) and the next at a Wendi’s in Wichita Falls.  I must say that both establishments were pretty clean and I’m sure would have scored well.  My final experience which involved food service was as a flight attendant (in the old days where we actually served food) and I promise you really don’t want to know too much about the inside of an airplane galley, it’s not pretty.

I’ve had two pretty creepy restaurant experiences, both in the Philippines’. The first was at a place called The Monkey Bar.  While I never saw the kitchen I’m pretty sure that the monkeys in the cage over the bar and adjacent to the dining room would not have passed any health code standard that restaurants in the US must abide. I limited my intake at The Money Bar to adult beverages.  The second Philippine restaurant was in a very popular Thai place that served delicious food and was primarily frequented by Americans.  I always enjoyed eating there until one evening when I needed to use the rest room and the found that the path to the restroom wound through the kitchen. While passing through the kitchen I spotted several cats freely roaming and dogs chained just outside the back entrance where the door was propped open.  As much as I enjoyed the food we did not return to that particular establishment.

Finally, the point is that, if you are dining, in Dallas or Rockwall, you can check out the restaurants Health Inspection Score online before you decide where to go (not quite as convenient as New Your City where the score is posted in the restaurant window).  Check out these sites before you dine and your germaphobic tendencies may dimish a bit.

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX Landmark

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