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Intervention: 4 Signs You Need an Agent

interventionYou’ve watched all the HGTV home buying and selling shows, you can even predict the outcome of the show in the first 10 minutes. If you think this armchair experience is all you need to successfully purchase your next home it’s time for an interventions.  Evaluate your situation:

  • Do you believe everything on the internet? The internet allows you to view tons of listings online but not all of the information is up–to-date. The internet provides property valuations, but did you know that most times they are inaccurate? Consider that in the state of Texas sold prices of homes are not disclosed. Therefore, if you’re buying in Texas any “guesstimate” you find on the internet is based on all kinds of data, except what the house actually sold for!
  • Multi-tasking defines you. You don’t have time to sort through listing, read seller disclosures, research tax rates and contact every agent or seller whose name is associated with the listing. If you do, remember, the seller’s agent works for the seller and does not have your best interests at heart.
  • The biggest thing you’ve negotiated lately was your kids’ bedtime (and you lost)  Negotiating are more than just drafting an offer. Negotiations begin the moment you walk into a home, how do you react, does the seller, or seller’s agent, see you smile from ear to ear and know he’s got a “live one”? How about financing, you’ve gotten pre-approved but the approval is for a specific type of financing. How do you know that the home you are looking at qualifies for the loan you need. The intricacies of negotiating a real estate deal are complex and mistakes can be costly.
  • You don’t know if a neighborhood is on the way up or down Not all neighborhoods are as they appear. You need a neighborhood expert on your side that knows about zoning changes, schools, taxes, HOA restrictions and a myriad of things that can influence the long term value of the neighborhood you are considering.

If this intervention caused you to rethink your “do-it-yourself” plan, call RE/MAX Landmark.

Terry Roberts RE/MAX  Landmark Owner/Broker

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