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Narrowing Your Choices, What to See First

Are you overwhelmed by the process? Many buyers choose to use the internet as the only tool to find homes.  While there are abundant property search sites available there is not an easy way to narrow down your selections except by looking at each home.

There’s a better way, your RE/MAX Landmark Sales Associate has the capability to narrow the focus of the search and look for specific items that are non-negotiable for you. Here are some examples of the powerful searches that we can do for you:

  • No front entry garage – we can create a search that will only send you side & rear entry garages, and if you only want rear entry we can do that too.
  • Master bedroom on the first floor – all of the 2 story homes that meet your needs will only have main floor masters, split bedrooms too? No problem.
  • Don’t want and HOA? We can easily send you only houses that are not in a Homeowners Association
  • Dreaming of a Media Room – We can sort by specialty rooms and make sure we send exactly what you need.

If this sounds easier than sorting through 50 properties to find the 2 that meet your needs then let us know. It’s what we do and we’d love to help you find your dream home.

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner RE/MAX Landmark

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