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What Not to Say at an Open House

Open houses are fun and it’s an easy way to see multiple homes in one neighborhood very quickly. However, if you visit an open house without your real estate agent, here are two conversations you should avoid.

  1. It’s the right house. “I love this house”, “This is what we’ve been looking for” or “When could we close” are not things you should say to the agent that represents the Seller. Anything you say which indicates you are seriously interested in the house will be shared with the seller and can put you at a disadvantage when it’s time to negotiate.
  2. It’s the right price. “Wow, that’s a great price” or “It’s under our budget” will definitely put you at a negotiating disadvantage. When the seller’s agent knows that you are willing to pay list price for a property you can count on paying full price for the house.

Both of these topics should be avoided at all costs. Be aware that the seller’s agent will want to chat and try to draw you out.  Remember real estate agents are very good at helping buyers determine needs and wants, it’s how they help people find the right home and the seller’s agent has the same skill set.  Play it close to the vest, if the house looks like the right one call your agent, who has your best interests at heart, not the best interests of the seller.
Terry Roberts, Owner/Broker
RE/MAX Landmark

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