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Under One Roof: Multigenerational Homes

Families and lifestyles are in a constant of flux, kids leave, kids return, grandparents move in to help with young children, grown children divorce and need a place to stay or aging parents move so their children can assist with their care. Whatever the reason, the need to house multiple generations under one roof is growing.

One of the challenges with multiple generations under one roof is the loss of privacy. The solution to the privacy challenge has been heard by new home builders and they’ve come up with a great solution, Multigenerational Homes.

Multigenerational homes offer the traditional space that a regular family unit needs but in addition multi-gen homes offer separate areas for the other adult family member or members residing in the home. Typically these secondary quarters offer a bedroom, living area, a small kitchen and a separate entrance.

Providing two distinct living spaces makes living together much easier and gives each the freedom they need to be alone when needed.

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner RE/MAX Landmark

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