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What do Tiny Houses, Joanna Gaines & RE/MAX Landmark Have in Common?

Tiny House Hunters

Tiny Houses | Many think  the  tiny house craze is something new but if you consider caves, yurts, tents, wigwams, igloos grass huts and so forth you’ll realize it really isn’t.  Today’s fascination with tiny house has been brought to everyone’s attention by the HGTV series Tiny House Hunters and has in turn spurred the growth of the tiny house movement. In my view, size and shape are the biggest commonalities among tiny houses (think box with less than 400 SF). What is unique is the tiny house owner.  Generally speaking tiny house owners are passionate about their lifestyle but the passions vary widely.  Some like simplicity and chafing away the material elements of life, some desire travel, others wish to bring families closer and many find that tiny homes provide them with a way to join the ranks of homeownership at a much lower level of investment than if they bought a traditional home.  Whatever the reason, everyone agrees that the show, Tiny House Hunters is fascinating to watch as it blends unique designs and unique personalities together.

Joanna Gaines | Let me start with, there’s more than one Joanna Gaines. Most folks immediately think of Joanna Gaines from the popular HGVT show Fixer Upper.  However at RE/MAX Landmark, in Rockwall Texas we have our own, Joanna Gaines Utley.  Joanna is an exceptional agent, focused on the needs of her clients, her community and loves the game of real estate matchmaking.  As a real estate matchmaker Joanna counts among her close friends a tiny house builder, known to the producers of the HGTV show Tiny House Hunters,  who connected her to the upcoming episode in which they both appear.

I hope you’ve made the connection by now….RE/MAX Landmark is thrilled and immensely proud that our own Joanna Gaines Utley will be the real estate agent featured in the upcoming episode of Tiny Houses Hunters.  Please tune in to view the show which airs on Monday, May 15, 2017 at 8:30 pm.

Terry Roberts, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX Landmark

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