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TIP #1 Hire Your Own Agent

Hire A Realtor

Most builders allow you to hire your own Realtor, but you must hire your agent before you begin working with the builder.  It is very important that your Realtor accompany you when you visit the new home sales office.  If you visit the sales office alone the builder may consider you unrepresented and refuse to pay your agent.  It is always best for your agent to introduce you to the builder.

  • Don’t forget who the builders sales agent represents. As an employee of the builder, regardless of what they tell you, they are responsible to represent the interests of their employer, not you.  At times they may use high pressure sales tactics to convince you to sign.  It is easy to succumb to the pressure and fall prey to their sense of urgency, real or imagined.  The builder’s agents are generally on a salary with incentives to sell houses; they only get paid when you sign on the dotted line.
  • Having a Realtor that knows the market and is familiar with the entire new home inventory that meets your needs is essential. The builder’s rep won’t tell you that there is another community down the street with similar homes or with better pricing, your Realtor will.  Your Realtor works for you
  • Your Realtor has a fiduciary duty to represent you. They are required to disclose the positives and negatives about the transactions.  The builders representatives do not have the same obligation.
  • If your new home contract is contingent on selling your existing home, hire your own agent to list the house. It is in your best interest to clearly understand the value of the home you are selling before you decide to purchase.  It is also very wise to sell your existing home before you buy.