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TIP #4 Verify Option and Upgrade Pricing

verify-optionsOptions and upgrades hold a high profit margin for the builder.

  • Make sure you understand what is standard and what upgrades in the home you are purchasing are.   Some builder pricing includes a significant amount of upgrades while others sell “bare bones”. Builders using the “bare bones” approach know that the typical buyer will add lots of upgrades which increases their profitability.
  • Find out if your lender will lend on all the upgrades/options you have chosen. If not, you may be required to pay for your upgrades and options in cash.
  • Make sure that you make all selections within the timetable dictated by the builder. Some builders may make selections for you if you fail to submit your requests when required.
  • Think before you upgrade. In some cases it may be less expensive for you to make upgrades after your close then at builder prices.